Lisa Frank Insp. Liverpool
Lisa Frank Insp. Liverpool
Lisa Frank Insp. Liverpool
Marmalade Skies

Lisa Frank Insp. Liverpool

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Liverpool is a soft flowing light weight fabric with a textured outside and a smooth inside.  

*4 Way Stretch

*95% Polyester 5% Spandex

*Handwash and hand to dry!

Works great for Headwraps, Bows, Bloomers, Clothing etc.

1 yard is approximately 36 inches by 60 inches. 

1/2 yard is approximately 18 inches by 60 inches.


These Fabrics are super versatile and can be used for so many things, including: Bows, Headbands/Headwraps, Swaddles, Bloomers, Clothing, Lightweight Blankets, Handmade Mickey Ears (So Cute!), Bummies, & so much more!  We have also seen so many “NO SEW” OPTIONS.

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